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Art Collection Management: Tools and Best Practices

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#Collection Management



A thorough understanding of collection management is fundamental for asset management and art investments. This session explores how quality art collections are built and managed. It will cover the latest installments of “freeport” opportunities and how consolidating storage and collections management has become essential in today's art market.


Speaker Profile

Alexandra Chemla

Founder & CEO, ArtBinder

Alexandra Chemla founded ArtBinder, the leading technology partner for the art world, with the aim to optimize the business of art. On the front line of digital innovation in the art space, it is the first mobile & digital solution of its kind.

Armed with the direct experience as a gallery assistant at Gavin Brown’s enterprise, Alexandra knew she wanted to emphasize ease, efficiency, and elegance. Thus, ArtBinder was built to streamline daily gallery workflow, improve client communications, and ultimately save time and money. Read More