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Blockchain Technology + The Art Market

  • Verus Real Estate 346 West 72nd Street New York, NY, 10023 United States (map)
Blockchain Technology and the Art Market




New Art Academy is excited to present its next event in Blockchain Technology and Art Market series.

Beatriz Helena Ramos, the CEO of DADA, will share how and why this social network is using blockchain technology to create a peer-to-peer economy that will benefit the entire DADA community, from artists to collectors, to investors. She will discuss how DADA is creating digital scarcity, how this marketplace is run by smart contracts without intermediaries, as well as what are the implications for the art industry of an emerging digital art market worth billions of dollars.

Patrick O’Grady, CTO of Asset Exchange Yosemite and Miranda Guo, Director of Alternative Assets, will share insights on the platform which offers trading shares of artworks (similar to traditional stock exchange), a listing of art through Art Public Offerings (APO), and art valuation. Patrick is going to present live from the NeueHouse.

Speaker Profiles

Beatriz Helena Ramos


Beatriz Helena Ramos is an artist and an entrepreneur. She is the founder of the world’s only visual conversation network where people speak to each other through drawings and create collaborative art. Before founding DADA, Beatriz made illustrations for the New York Times, worked in animated TV shows for MTV, Disney and Cartoon Network. She opened her own digital content shop, Dancing Diablo, where she directed over a hundred videos for companies like Coca-Cola, Jet Blue, Macy’s, Chips Ahoy, and Hasbro among others.

Patrick O'Grady

CEO, Asset Exchange Yosemite

Patrick O'Grady, is experienced in building quantitative trading models for public equities. His interest in trading led him to research the blockchain and the implications it has for the future of technology.  At Asset Exchange Yosemite Patrick manages trading system mechanics, innovative solutions research and development, and exchange platform quality assurance.