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Art Investment Funds with Serge Tiroche, Tiroche DeLeon Collection

  • Online Live Webinar (map)
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The art fund industry has secured its place as an investment vertical in the world of finance. The fast-paced high volatility of the art world has attracted investors who typically invest in high-growth high-risk ETFs and Funds. Learn first-hand from Serge Tiroche, Co-Founder of one of the top art funds in the market.


Speaker Profile

Serge Tiroche

Mr. Tiroche was born in 1966 in Israel, to a family of art dealers. As a student in Paris in the mid-90s, he started collecting contemporary art while completing his MBA and turning to private banking as a profession. Following a 10 year career with Citigroup, in 2007 he decided to leave banking to become the entrepreneur he always knew he'd be - combining his broad investment know-how with a deep understanding and passion for the art market. Read More