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Observer - The Business of Art Observed

  • Roosevelt Hotel East 45th Street New York, NY United States (map)

Elena Zavelev, Founder & CEO of New Art Academy will be a speaker at this event.

This event is hosted by Observer, ‘Business of art Observed. Click here for more information.

9:30 AM- 10:15 AM ( 45 Min ) 

The Art Market 2.0: Using Art & Technology Solutions to Drive the Industry Forward

This session will cover multiple technology solutions to help the art industry’s relationship with government legislators for trade, provenance and authenticity. We will discuss the importance of technology-driven transparency. These solutions embrace the improvement of the management and verification of collections & exhibit works. 

  • Understanding the intersection of art, technology & data – creating an analytical database of complete works

  • Democratising Art: Leveraging a new data-driven approach in registering art globally

  • Could Blockchain be the silver bullet in improving the issues and challenges in the art ecosystem with trust, credibility and fair-trading standards

  • Provenance tracking: Dealing with the issue of the authenticity of physical items when linked to the blockchain

  • Can technology protect the industry from art cybercriminals?

  • Using Microchips to authenticate works of art and track blood antiquity

  • Could increasing investment in AI and machine learning be a differentiating factor for the art industry?

  • The implications for insuring the work in transit

  • How will these technology solutions impact the art community who are traditionally not early-tech adopter industry?


  • Clinton Howell, President of Clinton Howell Antiques; President, AADLA and CINOA

  • Elena Zavelev, Founder and New Art Academy &


  • Massimo Sterpi, Partner, Gianni Origoni Grippo Cappelli & Partners