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Art Investment :Blockchain Technology with Jérôme Croisier, Chief Art Officer, Maecenas

  • Online Live Webinar (map)




Learn about the latest developments, trends and use cases of the blockchain technology in the art market. Jérôme Croisier, Chief Art Officer will speak about Maecenas, an art investment platform allowing fractional ownership of artworks.

Maecenas leverages blockchain technology to create tamper-proof verifiable provenance and to enable real-time digital settlement of transactions. Maecenas lets investors to create and manage their own liquid fine art portfolios. Through the platform, art galleries and art collectors can raise cash against their existing artworks.


Speaker Profile

Jérôme Croisier

Chief Art OfficerMaecenas 

Jérôme Croisier is an Art Historian, based in Switzerland. He has 20 years’ art market experience, mainly as expert and Head of a department in the Fine Art auction business. He has also worked in the academic world as a researcher and his art history research has been published in a variety of books and publications. Jérôme has a strong knowledge of Art finance and Art as an investment, both as a project manager for an Art investment fund and as investment manager for private clients. He teaches at Zurich University’s Executive Master in Art Market Studies. As Chief Art Officer at Maecenas, he is in charge of all aspects relevant to artworks (selection, due diligence, valuation, reporting).