NYC ArtTech + Blockchain Connect 2018

Press Release

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, September 24, 2018 — The New Art Academy is proud to announce a daylong symposium dedicated to understanding the role that technology, especially blockchain, is playing in the art world today.

This event brings together art market specialists, collectors, technology experts and financial analysts for discussions and talks on the powerful and promising synthesis of art with blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

“All of these technological innovations are widely discussed in the media, but there is still no consensus on how they are impacting the art world,” said Elena Zavelev, director of the New Art Academy. “The goal of this symposium is to give the public a chance to meet and hear some of the most creative and innovative minds in the art and technology sectors.”

Discussions will cover the following topics:

— “Unchaining the concept: What is blockchain and why we need it today?” is the topic of a presentation by Nolan BauerleCoinDesk’s director of research.

— “Blockchain era: New ways of collecting,” will give the podium to speakers such as Anne Bracegirdle, Associate Vice-President and specialist of photographs at Christie’sNanne Dekking, founder and CEO of Artory and chairman of the board of TEFAF; as well as Daniel Doubrovkine, CTO of Artsy.

— “Art market supply chain: Needs and solutions,” will feature speakers such as Nicole Bouchard, Director of Business Process at Crozier Fine Arts.

There will also be “powertalks” by Christopher Vroom, CollectorIQ’s Founder and CEO, who will discuss data protection and privacy; and Ahmed Elgammal, Founder and Director of the Art and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at Rutgers University, who will speak on how artificial intelligence is changing the art world in a wide variety of ways.

Other speakers include artist Kevin Abosch, and Matt Hall, Co-Creator of Cryptopunks. Both will speak on “Digital art and crypto collectibles.”