Blockchain: The Impact on Artists and Art Marketplaces


New Art Academy and NYUSPS presented a panel conversation about how blockchain technology is changing the art that artists produce, how it influences their pricing and which marketplace they chose to sell their art.

As the popularity and hype around blockchain grow, artists also need to become more aware of this groundbreaking technology as it may not only change the way they are financially compensated for their art but also conceptually influence their creative work. This panel is organized in partnership with NYU SPS Center for Applied Liberal Arts just befpre NYC Blockchain week.

Some of the questions we covered:

  • How can traditional & digital artists benefit from the blockchain technology?

  • What are the new art marketplaces changing how we buy and sell art?

  • Will people buy art online with cryptocurrencies?

  • Is there an overlap with the traditional art market?

  • What is crypto art? Let's talk about digital artworks and crypto collectibles (crypto kitties, crypto punks, memes).