Our Panelists

New Art Academy works with many art professionals, blockchain and crypto specialists and AI scientists. Here are the profiles of some of our recent speakers, panelists and teachers.

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Kevin Abosch

Artist, Latest Project: I am a coin

The work of artist Kevin Abosch is driven by his interest in the nature of identity, value, and human currency. Read More


Andrey Alekhin

Co-founder and CEO of Snark, Digital and Crypto Art Marketplace

Andrey has been a successful entrepreneur for 20+ years. He was the founder of MIGZ - International Festival of Contemporary Music and Media Arts.  Read More.

Jérôme Croisier

Chief Art Officer, Maecenas

Jérôme Croisier is an Art Historian, based in Switzerland. He has 20 years of art market experience, mainly as expert and head of a department in the Fine Art auction business. Read More

Dr. Ahmed Elgammal

Founder & Director, Art and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Rutgers University

Dr. Ahmed Elgammal is a professor at the Department of Computer Science, Rutgers University. He is the founder and director of the Art and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at Rutgers. Read More


G. Thomas Esmay

Director of Business Development, SingularDTV’s

G. Thomas Esmay is a New York-based filmmaker & educator. He has worked on a variety of documentaries, live broadcasts, and short films. 
Read more

Alban Fischer

Global Head Digital Platforms, Art Basel

Alban Fischer, Global Head of Digital Platforms, Art Basel. In his role, Alban oversees digital developments for Art Basel.  Read More


Katerina Frank

Category Manager Art, eBay

Katerina Frank is the Category Manager for Art at eBay, where on any given day, she works to promote art from individual sellers, galleries, and auction houses. Read More

Marcelo Garcia Casil

Founder & CEO, Maecenas

Marcelo is a Financial Technology Innovation expert who has wide-ranging experience designing and building mission-critical systems for investment banks in Europe and Asia, and consulting for financial institutions.  Read More


Nigel Glenday

Vice President, Strategy, Athena Art Finance

As VP of Strategy, Nigel is responsible for developing and managing Athena’s strategic partner relationships and transaction execution for the firm’s key clients. Launched in 2015, Athena Art Finance is a leading independent finance company specializing in lending collateralized by high-value fine art serving private clients and art market professionals globally. Read More


Marco Grossi

Director, Audit and Risk Management, Deloitte 

Marco Grossi is the Director in the Assurance practice at Deloitte with over 16 years of audit, advisory and consulting experience in Treasury and Investment Banking.  Read More

Kellie Honeycutt

Director of Institutional Advancement, Public Art Fund

As the Director of Institutional Advancement, Kellie Honeycutt oversees all aspects of Public Art Fund’s communications and development activities. Read More


Jess Houlgrave

Co-founder and COO, Codex Protocol

Jess Houlgrave, Co-founder and COO, Codex Protocol, an industry-backed decentralised title registry. Read More


Roy Huang

Founder, FRESCO

Roy is the founder of FRESCO, the world’s first blockchain art asset network. Coming from a collector family, Roy has formed an appreciation for art since the very beginning. Read More

Stas Johnson-Chyzhykov

Stas Johnson-Chyzhykov Business Operations & Client Relations, Consumer Marketplace Team, Artsy.net

Artsy.net is the leading online art platform. With over 250,000 for-sale fine art and design works listed by top galleries, auction houses, and non-profit organizations around the world, Artsy is the go-to resource and commercial platform for collectors.  Read More

Kevin Lay

Director of Operations, ARCIS

Kevin brings decades of experience in fine and decorative art storage, logistics and collection care for his role as Director of Operations for ARCIS, New York’s first and only FTZ designated for fine art. Read More

Yehudit Mam

Co-founder CMO, DADA.nyc. 

Born and raised in Mexico City, and a New Yorker since 1992, Judy Mam is the Co-founder of DADA.nyc, the world's only visual conversation platform with a rare digital art marketplace on Ethereum blockchain. Read More


Kevin McCoy

Founder and CEO, Monegraph

Kevin is the co-founder and CEO of Monegraph. He is an Associate Professor in the Department of Art and Art Professions at NYU where he oversees the department's digital art practices. He has had a long studio art career working collaboratively with his partner Jennifer McCoy.  Read More


Alain Mestat

Managing Partner PassionProtect® and ArtandMotion®

Alain has over 25 years of experience within the wealth management industry. For 13 years he was a Director with the Edmond de Rothschild Group as Global Head of Marketing, Communication and Strategic Business Development. Read More


Lindsay Moroney

COO, Artory

The Artory Registry, is the only blockchain registry of vetted information about artworks, collectibles, and their history.  Read More


Jaisimha Muthegere

CTO, Visto Hub

Jaisimha Muthegere was appointed to Chief Technology Officer in 2017, and previously led the development of the Visto Hub as a Senior Vice President. Read More

Patrick O'Grady

CEO, Yosemite X, Inc

Patrick O'Grady is experienced in building quantitative trading models for public equities. His interest in trading led him to research the blockchain and the implications it has on the future of technology.  Read More

Jonathan Perkins

Co-founder, Pixura and Super Rare Art Marketplace

With the help of his music collection on tapes, CDs, vinyl, and Napster, Jonathan was fascinated to realize as a kid that our experience of art is framed by technology. Read More. 


Adeline Pilon

Co-Founder, Happening

Through Artist Profiles, HAPPENING constitutes an informational platform dedicated to bringing greater transparency to the art market. Read More

Sherone Rabinovitz

MFA. Filmmaker, Technologist, Blockchainer, Educator, and Public Speaker

Sherone has made a career blending multiple skills in Art & Technology in a unique and cogent way. Read More


Beatriz Helena Ramos

Founder, Dada.nyc

Beatriz Helena Ramos is an artist and an entrepreneur. She is the founder of DADA.nyc the world’s only visual conversation network where people speak to each other through drawings and create collaborative art. Before founding DADA, Beatriz made illustrations for the New York Times, worked in animated TV shows for MTV, Disney and Cartoon Network. Read More


Patrick Regan

Fine Art Consultancy, Appraiser, PWR Studios

Patrick is based in Connecticut and New York and has experience in the art world working as a fine art appraiser, auction specialist, gallerist, dealer, collections advisor and art business consultant. Read More

David Shapiro

Art appraiser, Victor Wiener Associates, LLC

David Shapiro is an art appraiser for Victor Wiener Associates, LLC. He has worked on several legal cases including the appraisal of the collection of the Detroit Institute of Arts in connection with the 2014 Detroit bankruptcy trial as well as the art fraud case of USA vs. Luke Brugnar...Read More


Daniel Sieberg

Eco-System Growth Lead / Co-founder, Civil

Daniel Sieberg leads eco-system growth at Civil. He has more than 25 years of experience working at the intersection of technology and journalism. Read More


Oliver Smith

Senior Reporter, Forbes

Oliver Smith is a Senior Reporter at Forbes, covering fintech, crypto and the sharing economy across Europe. Read More

Serge Tiroche

Co-Founder, Tiroche DeLeon Collection and ArtRunners

Mr. Tiroche was born in 1966 in Israel, to a family of art dealers. As a student in Paris in the mid-90s, he started collecting contemporary art while completing his MBA and turning to private banking as a profession. Read More


Tom Toumazis

Executive Chairman, Tagsmart

Tom Toumazis MBE is the Executive Chairman at Tagsmart and leads the company alongside Steve Cooke, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer.  Read More

Yan Walther

Global Manager SGS Art Services

After completing a Master of Arts at Lausanne University (Switzerland), Yan Walther worked on the production and organization of several international cultural projects in Switzerland and Russia (opera, theater, exhibitions). Read More

Roxanna Zarnegar

Adjunct Faculty, Sotheby's Institute of Art

Roxanna served as Chief Operating Officer of Christie's Americas, where she was a key thought leader that authored several strategy proposals, which redefined end-to-end processes, instituted a succession plan and supported technology integration.  Read More