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Patrick Regan

Fine Art Consultancy, Appraiser, PWR Studios

Patrick is based in Connecticut and New York and has experience in the art world working as a fine art appraiser, auction specialist, gallerist, dealer, collections advisor and art business consultant. He lectures on the art market and has worked in the creation of art fairs, online art marketplaces, and various publishing projects. Patrick went to live in Beijing from 2005-2006 where he increased his language skills and deepened market connections to galleries, collectors, and curators. He lectures on the contemporary art market, Chinese Art, and specific appraisal topics at Sotheby’s Institute and New York University’s SPS Art Business program. Patrick Regan is a USPAP compliant appraiser that has maintained a private art advisory business since 2007 and currently is a regularly contracted appraiser for Gurr Johns International, Winston Art Group, and Pall Mall Art Advisors.  His main expertise is as a generalist with special additional knowledge in both Contemporary and Asian art.