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Serge Tiroche

Co-Founder, Tiroche DeLeon Collection and ArtRunners

Mr. Tiroche was born in 1966 in Israel, to a family of art dealers. As a student in Paris in the mid-90s, he started collecting contemporary art while completing his MBA and turning to private banking as a profession. Following a 10 year career with Citigroup, in 2007 he decided to leave banking to become the entrepreneur he always knew he'd be - combining his broad investment know-how with a deep understanding and passion for the art market.

In 2008 he founded START - Israel’s first artist incubator project, and Serge Tiroche Consultants - a financial advisory services firm with particular focus on art investments; in 2009-10 he invested in, and was Chairman of, the Artist Pension Trust - solving the long-term wealth planning needs of artists; in 2011 he co-founded Art Vantage, owner of the Tiroche DeLeon Collection, an innovative art fund enabling access to Contemporary art to investment-oriented collectors. Most recently in 2015, he co-founded ArtRunners, a cloud-based marketplace that will greatly simplify art logistics, saving time and money and enabling a smoother and more efficient art industry.

Mr. Tiroche holds a BA in Business & Art from the American University in Paris and an MBA from INSEAD. He regularly shares his views via quarterly newsletters, Facebook & Instagram, press interviews, and talks. He is passionate about educating and backing entrepreneurial ventures that seek to grow and improve the art market ecosystem. He held multiple positions in public institutions including serving on the Board of Governors of the Tel-Aviv Museum, the “Here & Now” committee of the Israel Museum and the Public Councils of the Batsheva Dance Company and Shenkar College in Israel, and was a Council member of the Serpentine Gallery in London.