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Ulvi Kasimov

Founder, .ART domain

Ulvi Kasimov is Forbes-listed venture capitalist, collector and philanthropist. In 2016 Kasimov and his London based company UKCI launched .ART domain, the world’s only top-level domain designed for those who live and breathe art. Dedicated to the support of culture in a variety of forms, .ART empowers members of the art community to make strong statements in the online space. 

Today there are about 45,000 .ART registered domain names and this number is continually growing. Art institutions including Louvre, Centre Pompidou, Guggenheim, Gagosian Gallery, blockchain-based platform Snark.art and Ars Electronica festival, are some of the early adopters of the .ART domain.

.ART has also become the first domain zone in the history of the Internet which was granted permission by ICANN to extend WHOISTMdomain information fields. It has uniquely augmented this information to include artwork identification criteria based on a standard established by the International Council of Museums (ICOM) and was endorsed by Interpol and other authoritative bodies.